Whether your computer is brand new or you can't even remember when you bought it, it sometimes needs a little cleaning out or sprucing up. The "Doctors" at Device Repair Shop can help you out.

Malware Removal is one of our specialties! In this day and age malware infections are rampant, from a simple "cookie" problem to "ransomeware", it isnt hard to find yourself in over your head with malware. Our Malware Removal fee not only includes removal of malware, but we also go into your registry manually and remove what we know from experience to be malicious to try to prevent re-infection.

Or if you prefer, we can set your computer back to factory and make it just like brand new when you first bought it, and we can even save all of your data first and put it right back where it was when we are done.

We carry some common parts in stock, this helps to reduce the amount of time for repairs.

Bring your device to the "Doctors" at
Device Repair Shop for reasonable, reliable service.